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wild oregano natural sea salt smoked red pepper
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spice trio

Spice Box Small

Spices and Herbs

  • natural sea salt (90gr)
  • wild oregano (20gr)
  • smoked red pepper (50gr)

Natural Sea Salt:

This Aegean sea salt comes from Cape Tainaron, the southernmost point of continental Europe. It is hand harvested from naturally formed ponds on the sea shore rocks. The salt dries in the sun and is packaged without any additives or processing. It is rich in minerals and enhances the flavors in all your recipes.

Wild Oregano:

Our wild oregano is hand-picked from mount Parnon in the Peloponnese. It is very aromatic and its aroma is enhanced even more when you rub the oregano between your fingers, thus helping release all the essential oils. When you use it in cooking, too much can give a bitter taste so use sparingly. Sprinkle on your salads and pizza, add to pasta sauces and to any recipe with tomato.

Smoked Red Pepper:

Our red pepper is of a particular variety called Karatzovas, cultivated traditionally in the area of Aridea. The peppers are slowly dried and smoked over an oak wood fire. Our smoked red pepper is mildly hot and very tasty. Use it to marinate meats, in dips made with cheese or yogurt and wherever your imagination takes you.