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Our packaging

Trade of goods between Mediterranean countries was very developed in antiquity. Products were transported by ship in clay recipients like amphorae. The amphora was used to store and carry liquids like wine and olive oil. It preserved and protected the product it contained from light and heat. After consumption, the empty recipients were reused or recycled.

The products we propose to you are the same people traded back then. Olive oil and olives from the olive tree, honey from the bees, wine from the vines...The recipients have changed but still have the same purpose. To store, carry, preserve and protect the product they contain. We also wanted our packaging to be reusable or at least recyclable.

amphora in pieces amphora

Wood boxes

All our products come in wooden boxes in eight different colours for you to choose from. The boxes are made of Russian pine-wood from sustainable forests. They have been hand-painted by sponge with ecological paints.

Our wooden boxes protect our products from light and temperature variations and keeps them safe during their travel to your door. We hope you will find our boxes beautiful enough to keep and reuse or give them to a friend.

wooden boxes in 8 colours

Glass recipients

Glass is the most neutral material to come in contact with food. Usually products like olive oil and red wine are kept in coloured glass to protect them from direct light. We took care of that with the wooden box and chose transparent glass so that you could see the product and its colour in the light. We believe food should be enjoyed with all our senses.

With every bottle we give you a second closure so you can reuse your bottles for your own drinks. For example make iced herb-tea with honey.