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Honey - Mountain tea & Carob biscuits Box

Thyme Honey Box

  • 1 jar thyme honey (400gr)
  • 1 box carob biscuits (250gr)
  • 1 box wild mountain tea (30gr)

Thyme Honey:

Our honey is from the western side of mount Taygetus in the Peloponnese. The area is rich in wild indigenous herbs like wild thyme and makes this honey particularly aromatic. Completely unprocessed our honey is not heated at any time so it preserves all its enzymes and vitamins.

Wild Mountain Tea:

Our wild mountain tea also known as ironwort or shepherd's tea is handpicked from mount Parnon in the Peloponnese. It is a very aromatic herbal tea that does not contain any caffeine so you can enjoy it any time of the day. Tastes great with honey and a bit of lemon, it helps when you have the flu or a common cold.

Carob Biscuits

This is a traditional recipe from Crete. The biscuits are handmade in a small family bakery in Crete using carob flour, olive oil, almonds, raisins, orange juice, cinnamon and cloves. They really taste great: try them!

box colors

  • box color: blue


  • box color: turquoise


  • box color: apricot


  • box color: yellow


  • box color: burgundy


  • box color: cherry


  • box color: pine


  • box color: olive


Note: our boxes are made of natural wood so each one is unique and the color may vary.