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Concerned about where our food comes from and of the way it is produced, we have been travelling around the Greek countryside seeking for the best organic products for us and our children.

On our travels we met small farmers producing excellent products. We know that many of you share our concerns about food, but do not necessarily have the time to look for the best. So we thought of working with some of these farmers and propose their products to you.

And that's how Organic Food 8 was created! On our site you will find selected organic products chosen for their quality and taste. You will also find information about the Mediterranean Diet, more a way of life than just a diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is on Unesco's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Our logo

The blue sphere represents our planet also known as the blue planet. More than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water so from space it looks blue!

The boat with the sail (half an olive leaf) shows the way people travelled around the Mediterranean over 3000 years ago, trading goods like wine, honey, olive oil, nuts... and at the same time learning about each others civilizations.

At Organic food 8 we are doing today exactly what our ancestors did back then. The products we propose to you are the same and have been the same through times.

So what has changed?

- The means of transportation: we do not use the triremes any more to bring our products to you.
- The recipients: Back then people used amphorae to preserve and carry their products.